• A Platform and Team

    That Work For You

    Column6 supports digital publishers that want to take ownership over a successful ad business.

  • What's Included with Inventory Manager

    Beyond the Technology



    Product Development and Engineering

    Integrations With DSPs You Rely On

    Facilitation of Demand Partnerships and Resources

    Ad-Tech and Programmatic Consultation

  • What does commitment mean to us?

    Our team has decades of experience in media and technology that help to understand your business.

    We’ve seen messy, complex programmatic infrastructure.

    We’ve seen publishers give too much inventory control to 3rd parties who can’t fulfill promises.

    Mostly we’ve seen real people frustrated with a lack of quality customer service from their partners.

    Our goal is to help publishers every day with their businesses. It’s baked into our company description… we provide inventory management and support.

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    Coverage across the Americas

    Column6 directly supports leading news and entertainment brands in over a dozen countries


    Real experience working with a diverse set of publishers across North and South America gives us a greater understanding of the challenges faced in different areas. Lean on our platform and expertise to connect your global markets under one system.