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    See Your Buyers.

    Know Your Value.

    How would your ad business change if you operated your own SSP? Column6 allows you to see the details behind every transaction and begin to eliminate ad-tech inefficiencies. By creating a more visible path between your inventory and your buyers, you make (and keep) more money on each ad.

  • Disruption Can Be Easy

    It's time to restructure programmatic relationships in an effort to maximize value on both sides..Column6 provides familiar tools and comprehensive analytics for ad serving and automated selling, but with a commitment to transparency, customer service, and a simple approach:

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    SaaS Model With a Flat Licensing Fee

    • Improved margin as CPMs increase.
    • Transparent fees and transactions. Nothing hidden.
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    Technology Without a Media Business

    • No black boxes or markups.
    • No conflicts of interest from demand clients.
    • Dedicated support and development for publishers.
  • License Inventory Manager Today and

    Take Ownership Over Your Ad Supply

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    Implement with no upfront costs.


    Pay a transparent, fixed fee for served impressions.


    Improve your CPM and keep the margin.