• More Transparent Transactions

    A New Programmatic Solution for Digital Publishers

  • Software, Support, and Savings

    Column6 licenses a supply platform to publishers for a transparent fee, offering modern ad inventory management and selling without taking any of your media margin.

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    Column6 Platform

    Take ownership over your transactions

    Inventory Manager by Column6 is a platform for serving and selling all ad formats, on all devices, with maximum efficiency between supply and demand.


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    Our Commitment

    Extend your adops team

    Column6 customers receive the support needed to run a successful ad business including account management, troubleshooting, consultation, and product upgrades.


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    Our Unique Approach

    Increase value without raising costs

    Our model includes both software and service within a flat, transparent fee structure with no upfronts or minimums.



  • About Column6

    Column6 empowers digital publishers to maximize the value of their advertising business with licensed inventory management and support. Customers of Column6’s Inventory Manager benefit from a one-of-a-kind SaaS offering, taking ownership over the infrastructure and tools needed for ad serving and programmatic monetization. The white-labeled, self-service platform powers both RTB and 1-to-1 selling.


    Column6 puts transparency first, with no hidden media fees or conflicts of interest, and a dedication to service. A common-sense business model and a focus on client support have made Column6 the trusted choice for improving margin and reducing time spent managing ad inventory.


    Column6 has offices in New York, Denver and Miami, with an expanding client base in North and South America.